FootRoot is a web based endeavor aiming to shape the international distribution of various foot types. Participate by just clicking the proper icon where your foot type belongs.

  The shape of the foot is totally inherited, thus each one of us carries the foot morphology of our parents, grand-parents and ancestors in general.

  Shaping the global footprint distribution, might help :



 other scientists

  In Arts, the foot shape is distributed in three major categories:   :

the Egyptian foot,

the Greek foot

the Roman foot.

There are also other types of foot morphology such as the Celtic foot the German foot, and others that have not been yet categorized.

  This site aims to investigate the global distribution of various foot types as well as any ethnic predilection of a specific type. It also aims to identify particular historical aspects as well as aspects of human migration through out history, in the basis of this particular feature. Identification of other forms of foot morphology is among the scopes of the study.