Egyptian Foot

 It is considered to be the most prevalent type of treadmill internationally. There is a decreasing arrangement of toe size in it. About 70% of the world's population has this particular foot-form. This name was named after Art, which determined the three main types of tread on the basis of visual depictions.

Roman Foot

It is considered the second in-line type of tread. In this the first three toes of the foot are equidistant. Approximately 20-25% of the population has the specific foot type, which is also characterized as a squared foot.

Greek Foot


 In this type second toe is larger than the rest. It is also called metatarsus (metatarsus atavicus) or Morton's toe. It is claimed that 5-10% of the world's population bears this type. It has been observed in Greece, since all the statues of classical antiquity bear this particular trait. Later, the aesthetic pattern was made, and this depiction was also generalized in sculpture until today.

Celtic Foot

  It is a variation of the Greek foot. Maybe it's the mix of different type of foot. Its percentage distribution is not known in the population. We hope that this site will provide some answers in the future.

German Foot

Etymology is not known. Probably observed in German genders. The global distribution is not known. We hope that this site will provide some answers in the future.

Unknown Foot

 There may be other types of tread that have not been recorded. By making this option, you can upload a photo of your foot or choose a different type on one leg and the other one, and in a very small percentage, this condition is called mosaicism, where the two legs are different from each other.